400 Invalid grant refresh token is invalid


Our clients report that their Pipedrive account gets disconnected. When we check our logs the response from pipedrive is 400 Invalid grant refresh token is invalid.
In 90% of the cases our clients says that they did not modify anything from their side.
The only solution right now it tell them to reconnect the integrations. But, this is generating a lot of unnecesary support for us.
How can we solve this issue, so it does no show up anymore?
The issue started dicember 2017 and until now is not solved.


Hey @victorpy

We’ve actually recently enabled verbose logging for your app so we should have some answers on this soon. We definitely realize it’s been a painful/long process working on this.


Looking over the past 9 hours on your app, it seems it is running smoothly now. Feel free to let me know (or send an email) if the issue with refresh token occurs again.


Great David!

Thanks for the support



Hello David,
We are having issues about expired tokens again. How can i send more log info so you can help us solve this?



Hey Victor,

Can you send the log to vendors@pipedrive.com? We’ll look into it further from there.


Hello Davis,
I sent a several emails to that address, no reply until now. So, im going to use this channel again, hoping that someone can help us.
Today, we have A LOT OF “Invalid grant refresh token is invalid” for more than 60 clients. This is really generating us a lot of unnecessary problems with our clients.
How can we solve this once and for all?


Hey Victor,

I’m really sorry to hear you’re running into issues with the refresh tokens. I see the email you sent directly to us and I’ll reply to that as I can add more details.