403 Error Message API Token

Hey there!

Our BI team is currently working on an automation of some custom fields.
The automation is a “PUT request” via an Pipedrive API.
But we are getting the error message “403 Forbidden - You do no have permissions to do this”.

We basically need full read and write permissions for all deals and organisation. For authentication we are using an API Token (not an actual user with an email/password login)

Is there a solution for this problem?

Hi @laralexa,

Is the API Token you’re using connected to a User who has full rights on the account you’re adding the request to?

Hi David,

the BI team said they are not using a User (with a user name and password), but only the API Token with an API password and no user.
I can only quote what I was told, I’m sorry.
Could also send you the request which leads to the error message, if that helps.

I definitely recommend checking in again with them. We only offer API Tokens per User so there wouldn’t be any possibility to have a API Token that isn’t connected to a User (although we do have future plans of creating company Tokens).