A snapshot of a certain day in history API

Is there an endpoint that allows me to see what was the “snapshot” of all my deals on a certain date in the past?
For example, I want to see the list of all my deals as they were on 2021-09-05: their stage, value, status on that date.
I’ve found the deals/{id}/flow endpoint, but it is per single deal and it is also a little clumsy to calculate what was effective on a specific day.
Maybe there is a simple way to do it?

Hi @Michael_Shparber,

Maybe the GET /v1/deals/search endpoint could help with this?

How exactly can it help me?

Hi @Michael_Shparber,

At first glance, I thought the endpoint mentioned above could help as it lets you search for Deals with various parameters.

I’ve since double-checked with the developers who handle Deals endpoints. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have an endpoint to get Deals by date or to get updates from multiple Deals at once.

I’ve since sent your feedback to the relevant team.

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