About Creating New Deal With Custom Field

We are creating a new deal which has custom field Car Parks and it is of type set. The key for this field is 13f8225eba35f22dc11c85ec34b2260a367b5d84. Options Riverside and Holy Brook are already added for this deal field. So, I am passing it as,

$deals = $this->pipe_drive_client->getDeals();
            $deal = array(
              'title' => 'title',
              'org_id' => '1',
              'person_id'=> '2',
              '13f8225eba35f22dc11c85ec34b2260a367b5d84'=>['Riverside','Holy Brook'],
$response = $deals->addADeal($deal);

My deal is getting added successfully. But the car parks are not coming across in Pipedrive. I don’t understand what the issue is

Hi @Nikhil_Antapurkar
Can you try passing the IDs of the options? You can find this information from the /dealFields endpoint. Each item in the set has a corresponding ID to it.