About embedding the app

Good day!
My name is Anna, currently I am developing an application for a Pipedrive.
Our product allows managers and call center operators to negotiate and provide effective communication between the firm and its customers.
We already have integrations with Bitrix, Amo and Zoho, currently I am developing an integration with your service.
Applications in the specified CRMs work in a separate frame (for example, AMO Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot) and are called by clicking on the application button.
Upon completion, contact details, accounts, existing custom fields, and other information may be changed.
The entities in which our application is opened: contacts, deals, organizations, invoices - in them, the application can be called both from the list of entities and from an individual card.
Also, the application can be opened in the call card (example - Bitrix, version for Russian-speaking users Screenshot by Lightshot).
I have already solved the issue of registration, authorization of the Pipedrive user.
Can you please tell me how I can embed an application in the Pipedrive in this way, or please indicate the place in the instructions where the mechanism of such embedding is described after the user has successfully installed the application?

Are you looking to embed iframes in Pipedrive product? Currently, you can only use app panels and extensions and not iframes. I have converted this to feedback for the platform team :slight_smile: