Activities endpoint

Hi everyone,

I have an import process that fetches all activities every 15 minutes. I noticed that some of today’s activities don’t return in my API call as soon as they are registered in PipeDrive interface.

I would like to know what field is filtered when I use start_date and end_date in my API call.

API call below:{{pipedrivetoken}}

start_date and end_date filter the Due date Field

Thanks David.

I was expecting this field as filter.

I don’t know what happens internally in Pipedrive’s end, but I can’t get activities scheduled for the current day.

Do you know if there’s any limit in date range for this API?

Are you supplying data into the start_date and end_date or leaving them blank? Or maybe adding some else to limit response on the Get ALL for activities?
Maybe you can show me the request you’re making?

Yes, I send today - 365 for start date and today’s date into end_date. I managed to get all data leaving them blank. I think I’m gonna leave it this way.

Thanks for your help David.

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