Activity due_time is returned in UTC

if I call GET /activities/{id}

in the json response I get for example: “due_time”: “07:00”,. the proble is that In pipedrive Gui I can see that same activity scheduled at 09:00, I am in UTC+2 so it seems the API is returning due_time in UTC and this is wrong.
The activity is created via pipedrive scheduler, but also with a manually created activity it is the same.
I need to say that I’m quite sure it worked fine until a couple of weeks ago.

Hello Davide,

Our API only works with UTC, you can see that here:

So you would have to convert after getting results from our API

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Hi Daniel,
How can I understand the timezone of the user who created the activity? In my scenario the activity is created using the appointment scheduler.
thank you

If you’d like to know a user’s timezone you can see that from

GET /users/me

I’m not referring to the timezone of as pipedrive user, but of the Person that is created in pipedrive when someone books an appointment using the scheduler. As far as I see you can’t via API see any timezone info in the Person entity. Also consider that in the scheduler, a user cal select a different timezone only related to that activity.
I think the API here are missing the functionality I need. Or is there any other way that I can’t see?
thank you

hi Davide :slight_smile:

What’s your scenario? In other words, why do you need to retrieve the timezone of who accepts a meeting with the scheduler?

Hi Dani,
We’re developing an integration to send a confirmation SMS to the user with some additional info regarding the appointment and the date and time of the scheduled appointment.
I know the user already receives an email confirmation but we need some custom content delivered via SMS.

thank you