Add a new value to a single-select during deal creation

Is it possible to add a deal from the api and put a value in a custom single select field which didn’t exist in the predefined values?

For example:
The custom single-select field “Campaign” has the options: “campaign1”, “campaign2”, “campaign3”.
A new deal is added with the Campaign value of “campaign4”, the value should be added to the single-select options from that point.

The use case: being able to run reports that will group deals by campaign.

BTW: this is a capability that’s available in other CRM’s API such as Salesforce.


Hi Michael,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re referring to using a Multiple Option type field and adding options on-the-fly to that Field?

If so, no, that’s not possible as you need to supply the ID of the option you want to add so you would first need to add it as an option.