Add multiple followers to a deal

Can I add multiple followers to a deal in a single POST using /deals/{id}/followers?

No, unfortunately it’s not possible via a single POST.

Hi David,

I’am tryng run the same endpoint and the return of post method is:
{“success”:false,“error”:“You do not have permissions to do this.”,“error_info”:“Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.”,“data”:null,“additional_data”:null}
My user is admin but i don’t know how enable specials permission to allow I run endpoint.
I use python and my post code is:

url = “"+str(deal_id)+"/followers?api_token="+params["token”]
response =,data=id_contact,headers=cabecalho)

You can help me the activate specials permissions?

Hey @Rodrigo_Dos_Santos_Lipert

Sorry for the wait. Are you running this endpoint via an OAuth app? If so, as long as you have the Admin Scope enabled you should be fine.

Feel free to DM me the details of what you’re working on so I can investigate further.

Hey @David,

Sorry for making you wait too,
The end of the year is a short period of time and I had to dedicate myself to another deploy,me running this endpoint with access token generated in Personal Preference, API in Pipedrive configuration.

Hi @Rodrigo_Dos_Santos_Lipert

So it’s the API Token taken from the Settings section in the UI? Do you know the Permission Set of this User’s Token?

Hi @David, yes the Permission Set is Administrator, I run others endpoints with the same Token with success.

Thanks for attention and collaborations.