API call making repeat attempts

I’ve connected the API to a automation system called “Workato”. When an organisation is added to Pipedrive, this acts as a trigger to call a number of external API’s.

I’ve been doing some business continuity testing and noticed that when I turn off the connection to Workato and organisations are added whilst the connection is turned off, the trigger is still made once the connection to Workato is turned back on.

Do you know how I would stop this from occurring? Esentially i’m trying to ensure any new organisations added when the connection is turned off don’t tigger the API’s when turned back on again.

As far as I understand, you’re disconnecting Workato for some organisations you don’t want the workflow/ automation to process. Anyway, the webhook stores all these entries in a queue, which is processed when the connection is re-established. You can clear the queue in Workato (maybe), but what I suggest is adding a new custom field in Pipedrive Organisations (or use an existing one if it’s appropriate), add a specific value to that field for the Orgs you don’t want to be processed in Workato and set a filter/ condition in Workato to ignore Orgs with such a value in this field.
I’m not familiar with Workato, but I believe the workflow would be triggered anyway - it’s just that you can avoid executing the following steps if the field has that specific value.

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