API calls return InvalidGrantError


We (ActiveCampaign) have an integration with Pipedrive and one of our customers is unable to map data (we fetch data from the /personFields endpoint) and we are getting back a 500 with InvalidGrantError for a customer. The customer disconnected and reconnected multiple times and the problem persists.

Are you able to help us check on why we are getting this error?
We can provide more details as required. Would appreciate your response as we have no workaround for this presently.

Thank you,

Hi Kamal,

Can you PM me the Company and User ID for this account having
the issue?

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Hello @kamal

InvalidGrantError may appear in a few cases. At what stage you’re getting InvalidGrantError when a Pipedrive user is using ActiveCampaign:

  • during the app install, can’t exchange on time code to get access token;
  • upon refreshing access_token;
  • while calling GET /personFields with an access token in Authorization header?

Also, do you use Pipedrive SDK, or you’re calling API directly (plain HTTP requests)?

Hi @mykhailo,

Thank you for your response.
We are seeing the error when we try to refresh the user’s access_token.
We call the API directly through HTTP.