API Error for Persons using filtered list

We have a filtered list we are using as a data source for a PHP page to display some newly entered contacts. The filter is based on custom field to flag records for cold calling. The initial stage for the cold call field has a value of “1” It has been working fine until a few days ago, but now when a new record is added and the flag changed to “1” the API call returns not only the older records in the list, but also all the organizations names I have entered ever. These display with only the organization name and not with other files (e.g. Name, Phone, email etc.). Also, none of the newly entered contacts with the flag are displayed.

We increased the limit to 1000 and that overcame the issue with data not appearing and the company names not in the filtered list also did not display. The upper limit was originally set to the standard 80. With that unwanted data outside the filtered view was displayed

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