API Error: "We are maintaining your account"

A few days ago (13.8.2021) we had a Problem with API Calls to Pipedrive. The API Response from Pipedrive was:

    "success": false,
    "error": "We are maintaining your account",
    "errorCode": 503,
    "error_info": "Please check [developers.pipedrive.com|http://developers.pipedrive.com/]"



  • Are there fixed / sheduled updates?
  • Can we find / check / query planed updates?
  • Is there an overview of the error codes?


  • Is there a overview of updates that took place?

Hi @Thomas_Lange,

For planned maintenance, we’ll usually announce them when we know about the possible impact on our services. The communication is done via email with details on the duration, expected impact and when it’ll take place.

There are times when changes that are not considered maintenance are applied. As there is no expected outage, there isn’t any communication sent prior to this. Should issues take place and escalate to an incident in terms of its impact, we update the Pipedrive status page if it’s on a critical level.

Unfortunately, we do not have an overview of updates that took place at the moment, but you can find an overview of our error codes here.

If you would like us to investigate further, please do send me your company ID in a private message.