API Field selector on nested Keys


I have a question regarding the usage of the API field selector on nested keys. It would be great to controll the field selector’s behaviour in a more advanced way.

Are we able to control the fields fetched on nested keys?

GET /persons:(name,org_id) will return a collection of persons with the nested object “org_id” containing 5 key-value pairs regarding person’s organization.

In some use-cases I would like to reduce the amount of key-value pairs on the nested objects, i.e. GET /persons:(name,org_id.name) should only return the organization’s name.

In other use-cases it would be helpful to add some more fields in the nested object, i.e. GET /persons:(name,org_id.CUSTOMFIELDKEY) should return the value of an organization’s customfield on the persons collection.

Is there a way to achieve such a behaviour? I guess it would reduce the amount of additional requests to the Pipedrive API and the data transferred over the wire, so therefore increasing total performance.


Hi @Jan!

I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment, a second request for the Organizations endpoint will be necessary to get this additional fields you want. However, we do share your view that this would indeed be very useful and efficient, so something like this may be available in the future. We will of course update our API reference when something like this is implemented.

Thanks for your answer @diego.mendez!

I’m really looking forward to see such a feature in future API releases.