API for Segments?

which is the aPi call to manage the Segments of a Lead/client ? I could not find any API that deals with Segments. Please clarify.

Hi Subash,

Could you clarify which segments you’re referring to (what particular data) and which endpoints you’re currently using?


Just refer to this screenshot. It has Segments that can be assigned to a person. Multiple segments can be assigned.
We are creating a mailchimp to PD integration (either a cron script or implementing webhooks).

So any PD changes need to be updated in the mailchimp user list. I want to update the TAGs of a mailchimp contact with the Segments that are assigned in PD.

Hi Subash,

In the screenshot, what you’ve termed a “Segment” is a Multiple Option Custom Field that you’ve added to People.

To add a similar Field to Leads, you just need to add the custom field to Deals (as they share the same Fields)

Multiple Option Custom Field - What is the API that we need to fetch these values (Custom Field values of a user) ?

Because our script needs to fetch each user details including the ‘Segments’ (Multiple Option Custom Field) and parse the segments into individual tokens and update / add them as ‘Tags’ to the corresponding user in Mailchimp List.

So as an initial step, from PipeDrive we need to retrieve the Custom Field details added to a user. How to do that via API?

Please help on this.

For clarity, you’re referring to Custom Fields of a Person correct and not a User? You can’t add Custom Fields to a User.

For retrieving the data/values for all Person Fields, you can use this endpoint GET/personFields

Yes, I was referring to ‘Person’

endpoint GET/personFields - Thanks for this information, will use this for the development.

Thanks very much.

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