API for Updating product id in file


I want to add product id in existing files through API call. Following API don’t have product_id in request parameter. Can someone please let me know how we can add product_id in existing files?


Hi @abhilash.singh,

To my knowledge, and as you already found in docs, it’s not possible to update the product id on the existing file via Pipedrive API.

Hi @mykhailo
Thanks for the response.

PipeDrive API for files have very strange behavior.

  1. Add file API don’t support description parameter. You have to make another API call just to update the file description.
  2. You can add product_id through Add file API call but you can not update that later through any other API. If they are different entity then why are you allowing product_id in Add file API call?

Do PipeDrive development team have any plan to fix these issues?

They should be fixed.


Hi @abhilash.singh ,

Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, some of the Files API functionality is not as flexible as it could be.

These behaviors might be fixed/changed in future improvements of Files API, but I can’t give any ETA.