API On Microsoft Power BI

I want to use the API to prepare reports with MS Power BI but the limitation of 500 items per page is making it difficult to use because I have to extract several tables with a maximum of 500 items. and then merge them. In this way, Power BI can not stay connected with the API by collecting information directly and automatically updating.
Please remove the 500 item barrier.
Need help.

Hey @brunokranz,

One thing you can try doing is using Pagination to help get all of your results. You can use this article as an example to build from.

hI David, please, can you explain me through print screen?

if I update my deals in pipedrive or add more, i believe because of the pagination and limit of 500 items, POWER BI will not be able to automatically update the data …

What you think?

If you’re worried more about updating, have you tried using webhooks instead? I think this could be a far better solution for you.

Hi Bruno, my company’s app lets you schedule Pipedrive updates to your database/data reports. So the tables will automatically get pulled in to update the data records.

It’s called Holistics, you can take a look on the Pipedrive marketplace: https://marketplace.pipedrive.com/app/holistics/7c5cdee5dcd0276d

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You can try this code:

Thank you