App extensions: App panels

In additions to app actions, we now have a new type of app extensions available in Pipedrive - app panels. App panels allow users to see app’s data inside Pipedrive’s detail views of Deals, Persons and Organisations in the form of a panel.

For more information about what app panels look like and how to build them see app panels.

Hello Elina,
Do you know if the App panels will be available in your iOS App (iPhone & iPad) ?

HI Gab,
Currently App panels won’t be displayed inside iOS and Android apps.

Yes I see it’s not available, that’s why I’m asking if it “will be” ? :wink:

This isn’t in the plans for the near future, but if you have a specific use case you need it for, feel free to let us know :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have the information showing up in the Panel available in the App.
We would like to use it to show data/stats from our customers directly within Pipedrive, to avoid creating custom fields, which aren’t supposed to be edited by the sales people and avoid to synchronise the information non stop …