App is created but not install

I created an app in marketplace but when i am trying to allow and install that application then it just jump on my given api but its not installing my application. Please tell me , what should i do to install my application.

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Hey Vinay,

Has this app been reviewed-approved already or are you still in the development phase? If it’s still in development, are you trying to install from the Pipedrive account the app was created in?

Hi DavidLorbiecke,
My app is in development phase , i am trying to install it from same pipedrive account its created but its move me to my redirect uri link but not installed in my pipedrive account.

Are you implementing the logic of exchange authorization code to tokens?
Step 4 here:

If i am the creator of my own app , still I need to exchange authorization code to install my application, to show on my own pipedrive account ??

Yes, as this is the process of every app integration, it needs to be able to perform this exchange regardless of it being installed by the app creator.

I read the whole documents of yours and this given link also but i am not getting the process from where should i start and how to do this ??

Pls tell me the process and where should i apply.


I really need more details of exactly what you’re doing, because there’s a number of different things that could be the issue. It could be that the redirect URIs don’t match or there’s something else incorrect in the GET callback.
Can you specify exactly what you’re doing, where you encounter the issue, and any logs you might have?

Hi DavidLorbiecke ,
I installed successfully my apk after exchanging auth code to token. I have another query that my application is basically based on phone solution then is their any icon or api or any functionality which is provided by pipedrive for phone solution. I am not getting any help from pipedrive documents for phone solution.

Are you referring to manipulating the UI within Pipedrive?
If so, the only way to do this is via a web extension/Chrome extension as unfortunately we don’t offer any UI customization directly at this time (planned for the future).

Hi DavidLorbiecke,
I wanna know what is phone solution and how its work , pls explain me in details.


I’m afraid I don’t really understand what you’re asking. Could you please exactly what it is you’re looking for?

Hi DavidLorbiecke,

I am developing an app related to phone solution , phone solution is a category like accounting, Analytics , Automation and intregation and many other. I wanna just get to know that what the feature is in phone solution , I wanna details of that.

Ah, I see.
It means an app that would allow you to call from Pipedrive (think VOIP).
Apps like AirCall, Toky, or Kixie - to give you some idea.