App publishing issue

I have published the pipe drive app to marketplace but they put back into draft and they don’t send me the root cause issue that your app has this issue as i can solve that issue. So how can i ask them app rejection reason?

Hello Fredrik.

My name is Miguel and I was the person responsible for the rejection of your integration app.
I suggest that you look into the email inbox listed as primary contact, since I sent at least 3 messages.
That is the reason why you did not get the updates. I suggest changing the primary email address in the Marketplace manager because the contact email address is giving me an error.
I will send you the reasons in a private message.

Have a good day.

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please send us the reasons at our support email which added in app @MigMelo we will go through your message and will fix the issues for sure that you facing while testing

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The email address in the settings > apps and integrations > marketplace manager is not valid. Tried to send it 3 times and didn’t go through. And there isn’t a page or contact for support there either. Please update it to a valid email address.

@MigMelo i have updated the email settings > apps and integrations > marketplace manager please look into this.