Array Data-type in Person's Custom Field

Hello. I have a question about creating my custom fields in Person. It doesn’t matter - Pipedrive Web Interface or Postman HTTP Post Request, but i can’t create a custom field with array data-type. As I understand, i can only use such data-types: varchar, varchar_auto, text, double, monetary, set, enum, user, org, people, phone, time, timerange, date, daterange, address. Set and Enum are the only, which could be multiple. But if i want to add phone numbers, emails and so on into the one array-type field, what can I do. I am working with service, where i could see that my colleagues have already created Phones and Emails array-fields. But Pipedrive can’t see them. Help, please.

Here is a link, which I read before: Pipedrive API v1 Reference

Hi @Oleg_Lysytskyi
Thanks for being patient and welcome to the community :raised_hands: !
Can you share some screenshots / video grab so that I can understand this better?

As you rightly mentioned, sets and enums have predefined options. Only other related field type is people / user / org. I am curious to know how it is handled in Make

Hi! The problem is next. I need to have a field which data-type is array to write a lot of id`s to one
person in my pipedrive. Make shows me that emails and phones can be in such data-type. But address (for example) can not be an array.

Thanks for the clarification @Oleg_Lysytskyi ! It is true that certain fields accept an array of inputs esp. emails and phones which are standard ones. However, for custom fields, there are some restrictions based on the data type and they don’t behave exactly like email and phone fields.

I would recommend maintaining this mapping outside Pipedrive via an app (especially if the IDs are expected to grow either in length/count). However, if the average length and count are minimal (say a person gets mapped to 5 ids at the best) and if the IDs are predefined, they can be accomplished with a set, enum, or text fields.

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