Automations is not triggered on fast API call

Hi we have tried the next setup via API:

  1. set and enable automation on a deal that will move deal to different pipeline if attribute “A” is present
  2. create deal (first request)
  3. set attribute “A” (second consequent request right after the first one)

Expected behaviour is that deal after creation and setting up the attribute is moved to different pipeline.

What happened though is that deal was created, attribute was set but deal was moved only once out of 10 times we tried to do so - automation was triggered randomly and in very small amount of cases.

We tried to add small delay between request1 (creation of deal) and request2 (setting the attribute) and then automation works as expected in every test case.

We’re trying that on beyli-de-sandbox env. We were contacting support via chat, but they weren’t able to help and pointed us here. Please help us solve the problem as the hot-fix with artificial delay has a lot of downsides :frowning:

Thanks for the details. I have it noted down as a feedback for broader attention.