Best practice to trigger a data request via API

Folks, How does one trigger a data request to an API? We are working with a 3rd party software company that is building native integration with Pipedrive for us. The idea is to send them an address and they will (within a day) return data on the address that will be added to specific fields in Pipedrive. What best practices do you have on how one would trigger sending the request for the data via an API? Is it as simple as using a custom field with a Yes/No option and toggle it to YES to send the request for the information via the API to the 3rd party? We only want them to get request for information for specific properties/prospects, when we are ready to qualify and sell to that propery/prospect.

Two options, one server side, one client side:

  • Server Side - Use Pipedrive webhooks to send data to your server whenever deal/contact is created or updated. Have a custom field to trigger the data collection. Your server will ignore all webhooks not containing “yes” (or whatever) in that field. Everything else will trigger your server to get the 3rd party data and update Pipedrive.

  • Client Side - Use a chrome extension to insert a button into the Pipedrive UI. On clicking that button the extension will collect the data from the deal/contact and request data from the 3rd party. Then update Pipedrive.

Either way you will need to deal with Pipedrive auth.