Breaking Change for DealProducts endpoint?

Hi team,

Our product makes requests to Pipedrive on behalf of various users, and on 2023-01-15 we began receiving responses for GET requests against the DealProducts endpoint documented here that contain NULL values for product_id, where we would instead expect to not receive a response if a product was not attached to the deal.

I do not see this behavior documented for the endpoint, or in the changelog. The closest I could find was this changelog entry, but it makes no mention of the behavior we are observing.

Could you please clarify:

  1. whether it is expected that a request to GET /v1/deals/{id}/products can result in a response that contains None as the value for the product_id key, but non-null values for other fields?
  2. if so, what scenarios could result in this behavior (a null product_id) from a user perspective?

Welcome to the community, @stitch_integration_dev :wave:

I have DM-d you for additional info to look into this further :slight_smile: