Can I change my app setting from private to public later?

At the initial stage of development I want to test my app without submitting it to the Marketplace. After making sure everything is tested (especially oAuth flow), can I then change my app setting to public and start to fill the submit for to marketplace? Because I can not get Client ID and Client Secret to test the oAuth.

Hi @erdem,

Is your final result a public app for the Pipedrive Marketplace? :blush:

If so, then click on the “Yes" button for the “Intent to publish app on Pipedrive’s marketplace" section.

Don’t worry, you can test your app before you submit it to the Marketplace team. We certainly want everyone to do this before submitting.

Getting your client_id and client_secret
To get your client_id and client_secret, you must save a draft app. You can do so by going to Marketplace Manager, choosing your intent to publish option, filling in your app name and OAuth callback URL in the form and saving the form. You should then be able to see your client_id and client_secret.

Testing your app
In Marketplace Manager, you’ll find a list of all the apps you’ve built - draft, published or unlisted. To test and install any of these apps, click “Preview” next to the app. You’ll then be brought to your app’s listing page where you can install the app on your sandbox account and start testing it.

I hope this answers your question. Please let us know if you have further questions. :blush:

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