Can new sign ups through the auth flow of an app be tracked for affiliate purposes?

I built an unlisted, approved Pipedrive app for my client, who also has a Pipedrive affiliate link.

He would like the affiliate link connected to the app, so that any user without a previous Pipedrive account will be credited to him if they make an account.

Since this is an unlisted app. The current path for the user is:
Make an account on my client’s webapp, then
Connect to Pipedrive, which brings up the Pipedrive login/register page.

If the user already has a Pipedrive account, they sign in normally and proceed with the oauth permissions flow.

If they don’t have an account yet, can the register page track the sign up for affiliate purposes?

I haven’t yet found an answer to this in the API documentation or on the dev forum.

Got a response via email from Pipedrive and wanted to share it here to help others with this question.

" We do not specifically offer any options to build-in the affiliate link from our side.

However, if there is a way you can prompt the users from your side to create an account via an affiliate link and not via a ‘classic’ sign up - I believe that should be fine."

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