Cannot update the orginazation a Person belongs to while updating Person


So I created a person and also created an Organization and i want to send a PUT request to update a few fields of that Person + Organization they belong to.

So if my payload looks like:

  "name": "Lorem Ipsum"

The persons name will be updated, all’s well.
But if I add the field ID for Organizations org_id as per the api docs on PUT requests, either nothing happens or i get an error.

If i add to the payload org_id as so, the name will be updated but not the organization.

  "name": "Lorem Ipsum",
  "org_id": 1, // <integer> of the Organizations ID

And if i format my payload just to include the org_id as so:

  "org_id": 1

I get the following error:
“{"success":false,"error":"Bad request","error_info":"Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.","data":null,"additional_data":null}”

I’m stuck.
Can anyone help?

Welcome to the community, @Alexandar_Zedy :wave:

Updating a person’s name or org_id separately (as you’ve provided in your examples) should work well.

Could you share your request in cURL format (make sure you remove your credentials) and we’ll go from there? :slight_smile: