Cant update value of custom field

First, I already check and read the documentation re: custom field.
and i can update some of the custom fields, and some of it cant be updated.

My question is why? why i cant update some custom fields?

My payload is simple.

"e154811232ecc4096ef4ab46cf8c813d15042966": "zz",
"e154811232ecc4096ef4ab46cf8c813d15042966_postal_code": "AA", 
"name": "Qq Qq f"

In this payload, the name and e154811232ecc4096ef4ab46cf8c813d15042966 was updated when i execute, but not the e154811232ecc4096ef4ab46cf8c813d15042966_postal_code

I notice also in get all person fields Api that this fields has an id of null.
Is it the reason? and why it because null?

Thanks in advance.

This is due to the nature of the Field.
"e154811232ecc4096ef4ab46cf8c813d15042966_postal_code": is a Field thats value is based on the value of the main address Field as it gets auto-filled based geo-coding data from Google Maps

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Hi, Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.

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