Conditional PUT for deals?


Is there a way to specify the last updated timestamp with a PUT request to prevent overwriting newer changes? We only need to add one tag to the deal, but in order to do that I need to give the whole field to the PUT call, so every change to that field which was not yet (or erroneously never) synchronized will get lost.

A bit of background:
we use a custom deal field to add tags (using a multioption/set) to our deals. In addition we use webhooks to lower the API load.

Sometimes we need to tag one third to one half of all deals in one pipeline (a few thousand deals). It would be great if I could add a request header to the PUT method to indicate the last version of the deal that I synchronized to prevent overwriting changes that happened in the mean time.



Sorry Martin,

But there’s no possibility to do that through API. I will send your feedback to our developers though.

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