Cost for API Development

We are at the start of a project and would like to integrate PipeDrive with a clients order processing and operations software. The aim for pipedrive is to run sales, automate tasks, follow up, etc. However the two systems need to speak to each other for success. The software they use for quotations, operations and order fulfillment has API capabilities.

Before embarking too far please can someone provide a guide price for API development of this kind?

Probably about twice what you think it will.

Integration costs are impossible to estimate without providing a detailed scope. You will need details on the exact functionality required and the relevant API calls and webhooks needed at both ends (sometimes what you need isn’t available). Then lock down the scope. Derailing of projects and cost blowouts are usually due to “scope creep”.


It is important that it integrates with their operations system, being LabelTraxx. The system provider is LabelTraxx and they can supply the ODBC drivers and a structure document for their database so we can query the data required. I require guide prices please for this integration with Pipedrive. We do not need many details transferred, importantly if someone is added to LabelTraxx, this data creates a new customer record in Pipedrive and if they move from a ‘prospect’ to ‘customer’ it is updated on Pipedrive so they do not continue to receive automated messaging.

Is this a service you offer Kurt?

ODBC is a little more complicated but doable.

Email me at and I’ll take a look.