Create custom fields for deal via the API, but don't show them in the "Add new deal" dialogue

I’m currently building an integration with Pipedrive and when the user activates the integration, we create 21 custom fields on deals.
I’m using this endpoint: Pipedrive API v1 Reference .
The problem is that all of these custom fields are added to the “Add new deal” dialogue, and this is not what we intended to do, so the users will have to manually turn this off to all the fields, which might be slightly annoying :smile: . Is it a way to solve this problem?

It is no like you said: once you access “settings → data fields” and manually turn it off this option will never going to show up again, except if you activate it back.

Yes, you’re right, but I’m looking for a way to do it by using an endpoint, without putting the users to go to settings → data fields and untick all the “add view” columns of these custom fields :slight_smile:

Hello @cristinadoroftei

There is no such option yet, but the plan is to introduce it. I can’t give any ETA, but once it’s added there will be a record in Changelog. You can follow Changelog on DevCommunity to get a notification about that.