Create deal without assigning an owner

Using the API I need to create a deal which doesn’t have an owner.

Using post_deals it always falls back to the authorized user_id (the API user) if I provide a null value for the user_id or leave that field empty. Is there any way to clear that user association?

Background: The deals shall not have any owner so that the sales persons can quickly identify, which deals aren’t assigned to anybody of the sales team yet. That way they can pick a “free” deal as soon as they have capacities to work on a new deal.

Hey again,

No, unfortunately we don’t allow Deals to be created without an Owner. Title and Owner are required Fields for every Deal.

Thanks for your reply. As a workaround I will add a label “No owner” to the according deals. This works for now but it feels a little bit “hacky” to assign an owner but attach a label “No owner”.

I would be glad if you could make the owner optional in a future release. :slight_smile:

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Any news on that?

Background: We batch create deals automatically and want to assign an appropriate owner manually at a later point in time.