Create organization or contact without following it

Whenever I create an organization from the API using addOrganization the owner automatically gets added as a follower.

Can I disable this behaviour or do I need to run a second request which removes the follower again?
(The same applies when I create contacts)

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You would notice the same behavior in the Pipedrive product UI too. And you are right that you need make a separate API call for that. However, I am curious to know why you would like to remove the user? (to avoid notifications / controlling access?)

We run an online software which gets signups from several new users each hour. For handling these customers in Pipedrive, we automatically sync all of these new users to Pipedrive.

From what I understood I need to use a regular Pipedrive user for authenticating with the Pipedrive API?! That means that ALL new organizations created by the sync automatically get assigned to this Pipedrive user - even if he will not be the contact person for these customers in most cases as all new customers are distributed to several salesmen.

This means that a regular salesman starts to get notifications for ALL organizations / contacts / deals created by the API even if they do not belong to him (and he might even not be allowed to see them for privacy reasons).

Am I right with my thoughts or do I miss anything?

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Thanks for explaining the scenario. I am checking with the concerned team on this behavior

Hi @Friend
Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. As you thought out already, you need to explicitly delete the followers. As of now, I have taken note of this as feedback.