Create product with Variations

Hi I am really new to the pipedrive
I am trying to create a product using the API but i can see that the product can not have same currency, but we can overcome this using variations. can we create the variations using API?

Hi Vishnu and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately no, adding variations isn’t currently possible through the API.

When we rebuild the Product feature (no ETA) this will ideally be added.

Thanks for your quick reply, so is there any option we can handle this for bulk data?

Could you explain exactly what you mean by “the product can not have same currency”? Same currency as the Deal? Or you need the Products to multiple types of currencies? Or something else?

We have product with three different type price groups Retail, Cost and contract this is for different platforms. in pipedrive we can not create all these price groups cause it wont allow same currency again if the currency already used for another price group