Created deal field by user not being shown in `/dealFields`


We currently have Pipedrive API integration. Our customer made the following action:

  1. created custom field
  2. created a deal (filled-up the standard and custom field)

However the custom field is not being shown in GET /dealFields or /deals/:dealId endpoint.

How do I verify that our customer created the field?

Here are the things I have done so far:

  1. checked /dealField endpoint if the custom field is created (field not existing)
  2. checked the actual deal in /deal/:dealId that contains the custom field (field also not existing)

Any help is much appreciated!


That process seems to be correct, perhaps the customer did not create the field within the deals object? I would check that same endpoint but for other objects like people, organisations and products alike.

And then I would make sure the customer creates the custom field for deals.

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