Creating a new tab in pipedrive

We have contacts & organizations in pipedrive. we want to associate a number of physical locations (buildings or properties) with that contact (eg eric fang owns 3 apartment buildings with 20,50, 100 units) we also have many fields of data associated with that property that we would like to show as a list in a tab created for that contact in pipedrive. That list would be from a sql database that has that data and needs to be imported for all the contacts as well as mapping and API that can load property data for that contact on demand via API. The user will also want to later export that data associated with the contact on a spreadsheet. any ideas on how that can be done on pipedrive? also we would want to create another tab that will allow the user to load an outside website to search that data via its parent company UI site to use within the confines of pipedrive and then on demand API info from the site into pipedrive

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