Creating new fields with specific property

Hey guys quick question: I’m using the Pipedrive API in order to add a new deal custom field. However, everytime I run the request the custom field is created with the Appears in “Add new deal” dialogue property checked. Here’s my parameters

$params = array (
‘name’ => ‘field_name’,
‘field_type’ => ‘set’,
‘options’ => array (‘field_option_1’)

I checked the API documentation but it says nothing about those two default checkboxes (Always visible on sidebar and Appears in “Add new deal” dialogue). Pls help!

Hi Murilo,

When creating the Field, under "data": {,
you’ll want to make sure these two flags are marked as true/false to change their properties:

  • “add_visible_flag”: true,
  • “important_flag”: true,