CRM integration with ATS system


Hello everyone.
There is this local ATS services provider with which we want to integrate Pipedrive.
Developers on the other side request a link (see the examples above), which cosists of
Organization ID
and User ID

I have struggles to find the necessary information.

Hey @Yeznik
Welcome to the community :wave: !
Can you elaborate on what you mean by the following?

For instance, what do you mean by key? Does org_id and user_id pertain to Pipedrive account? Feel free to share further context :slight_smile:

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Dear Hem thank you for your reply.
org_id and user_id pertain to Pipedrive account.

Our colleagues from the other side have tried to do some work and shared this error.
Could you please also take a look at it as well?

“error”:“An internal server error occurred”,“success”:false,“error_info”:“Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.”,“data”:null,“additional_data”:null