Cycle through all persons and get information

Hello! I have attempted to pull all of the Persons but I am only getting a limited amount.

I am using google Apps Script to access the data and my end goal is to be able to pull the data and place it in a spreadsheet. I am aware that I could export the data and get a spreadsheet but for my project it needs to run on its own.

Hi @Data_Analyst

You can use start and limit to go over persons data. More about pagination here.

so I am still fairly new with app dev. How would I use this in a java or javascript format? I am coding in GAS. When I attempt to use …********** then I get the following.
“success”: false,
“error”: “unauthorized access”,
“errorCode”: 401,
“error_info”: “Please check

Hi @Data_Analyst

& missing in URL query**********

but it should be**********

Could you try it?

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Ah, this made all the difference. Thank you very much!

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Coming back around to this, but in relation to products. Is there not a way to make sure to pull all products without limitation?