Date of transaction creation is displayed incorrectly


I want to add new deal via API with creation date in the past using parameter ‘add_time’. It’s save correct in API, but on the deal page displays that it is created today.

Maybe I need to use another parameter?

Hi @CatCode

The ‘add_time’ won’t affect the Deal created date/time within the Deal Page, but it will show in List View and for stats:

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Thanks! I think it is what I want.

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@David I also stumbled across this. For reasons of consistency would it be possible to show the “correct” creation date on the deals page as it has been defined using the add_time field?

This would help to avoid misleading users about the age of the deal.

Hey @Friend,

At this time, it’s not possible to back-date the creation time, but I will certain forward your feedback to our dev team.

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