Deal object has inconsistent data for creator_user_id

Been working with the api and my older deals the api returns an object

“creator_user_id”: {
“id”: 1111111,
“name”: “xxxxx”,
“email”: “”,
“has_pic”: 1,
“pic_hash”: “44cexxxxx737a”,
“active_flag”: true,
“value”: 1111111

my newer data just returns an int
"creator_user_id": 11111111,

is the data corrupted or did the schema change?

I am building my DTO’s with gson and i am stuck.

Hi @ideablender

Public Pipedrive API should always return created_user_id as an object for a Deal by default.

How did you call Pipedrive API in order to get creator_user_id as an int?

Basically using my sandbox hitting the api like this for two separate ids yields the different data types… Very easy to reproduce… Also happens for user_id.

used this url in postman with the real data.

I used postman . Also had the same results from your api documentation page.

and here are some sanitzed screenshots from your dev tool…

Just to double-check. When you call Pipedrive API via Postman, like this

you get creator_user_id as an int? Or only from API reference?

It depends on the id i pass into deals. I get the same behavior from both the pipedrive tool and postman… Also get it from my retrofit client.

Do you work for pipedrive?

Do you work for pipedrive?

Yes, I am working at Pipedrive.

It depends on the id i pass into deals.

Let’s take only Postman (or just calling it from code without UI). Did I get it right that, when you make a request GET /deals/:id some Deal ids return creator_user_id as an int, some as object, and everything in these requests is the same except Deal id?

That is exactly what happens, If you can see my data try id 1000 and id 2700.