Deals stages progress

Hi there,
I’m looking for a solution to allow me the ability to generate a report with the deals progress information.
I would like to know how many days the deal spent in every stage.
how can I do it?
many thanks

Hey @daniels you can get the time spent in stages for each deal using:!/Deals/get_deals_id. Hope it helps!

Hi Diego,
thanks for your answer.
Is there an option to generate a report includes all deals’ stages information?

Hey, I’m afraid not, you would have to collect all the information and generate your own report. Another way can be to use webhooks and keep track of all deal stage changes.

Hi Diego,
Can you please help me with the exact API call syntax?
I tried some and get an error.
I think I am confused with #! syntax.
Lets say my deal id is 31. So what should be my call?
I try!/Deals/31!/Deals/get_deals_id/31
I do get results with:
But is it the call you meant? So why use “#!”?
Please help