Direct link to open a specific activity details in the UI


I am working on a feature that is built on top of the user’s activity data from Pipedrive. One of its functionalities is to link to a specific activity in your UI. I found that it’s possible by linking to activities/list/user/:user_id?selected=:activity_id&tab=activity URL, but a few requirements need to be met to display it correctly in the UI:

  • A company which activity belongs to needs to be set as the current company in Pipedrive
  • User has to have the “Open details in full view” option enabled
  • The activity must be included in the currently selected timeframe

Unfortunately, all these options depend on the internal user settings in Pipedrive which I cannot control (for example, via URL params) from the outside of Pipedrive.

Is it possible to obtain/compose a URL that ensures opening activity details view in your UI?



You should be able to achieve this through following URL structure: /activities#dialog:activity/edit/{id}
Like in:{id}

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Thank you for your reply :+1:it seems to be working well.