Displaying external data inside Pipeline's user screen

we are developing quotation system and we want to display data from this system inside the Pipeline user’s screen, as a new full screen tab for example. Is it possible somehow? (using API, or developing new marketplace app)
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Hey Arek,

It’s quasi-possible. Currently the only option to do this would be via a Chrome extension to create a window inside the main app (take a look at how some of the Phone Solution options did this).
Otherwise, we’re working to further develop in-app extensions that would make this much easier, but for this exact task it won’t be available until approximately Q2-Q3 of 2019.

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Hey David,

Any update on in-app extensions to support these sorts of panels inside of Pipedrive, as opposed to doing with a Chrome extension?

Thanks, Graham

Hey @Graham_Robson,

Yes, since this post we’ve adding App Actions and we’re in the process of fully opening up App Panels (end of this month / beginning of next).
You can read more about them here

Thanks David - Excellent Many Thanks!

Do you know of anyone who is going to build a Zendesk App for Pipedrive?

Thanks, Graham

Hey Graham,

There’s currently this one that has been built and I’ve spoken to them about building it to integrate more closely with PD and be in our Marketplace, but I’m not sure how that’s coming along currently.

Hi David,

Yeah we know the HelpHouse team, they are great! I’ll ask them as well.

Thanks, Graham