DKIM setup queries

Hi team,
we have enrolled with this platform to send emails to our external vendors. Now in order to improve the email deliverabiltiy, we would like to setup DKIM. Before proceeding that, we would like to clarify few things.

  1. we will not be publishing SPF for it due to the limitation in the number of DNS lookup. instead, we are planning to setup only DKIM records. By applying this, how far email deliverability will be acheived? ( note: our spf set to “soft fail” & dmarc to “none”)

  2. Due to the brand reputation, we will not be encouraging our users to user our parent domain. Instead we are suggesting to use one of our sub domains & spoof it under our parent domain name. will that be possible in your platform? By doing this will the email delivery be affected?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll have it moved to #feedback for broader attention