Do I need another server to build a small panel?

Hello, I am new to Pipedrive and building a Plugin.

I want to build a very easy app. I want to read the JSON data from the currently open deal and output something like this as an example:{name}

So inside the panel that user can click the link with the parameters I put inside.

Honestly, I went through the Documentation for the Pipedrive API and I find it written in a way that is hard to understand and follow, same goes for the YouTube Videos.

I also read that I need oAuth and a callback URL, which I do not have. Therefore my question if I need a server to build a simple plugin as described above.

If someone could help me out that would be great. Or if I could talk with someone about specific things later as well, that would be really appreciated.

Yes, the Marketplace Manager is essentially a place where you can register and create details for the landing page of your app, but you can’t actual build the app within the Manager

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