Do not have permissions

When creating a zapier trigger, at the last step this message appears when testing

I have an admin account but I did read articles stating that the permissions may have a correlation to this error. Does anyone know what the issue could be?

If you have other Pipedrive accounts connected (apart from your admin account) perhaps the one connected for this particular step is the one that is not admin. Otherwise as far as I know you should not get this error.

Please check the first part of this step and if possible make sure that the correct Pipedrive instance is connected, then redo every part of this step until you get to the test and redo the test.

If that fails please do communicate this to both our support and Zapier’s support, Zapier might be able to help if it’s a configuration thing from their end. They might offer details that you can share with out support if it’s indeed an issue that Zapier can’t figure out.

Hope you are able to fix this issue