Documentation (Organizations and Persons)

I’m working with the documentation, actually building a code to create functions to integration.

In Update an Organizaton and Update a Person the field id is required but in the documentation’s website it doesn’t.

I guess can be an error because it doesn’t have any mandatory fields in that query.

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Hi @neymoresco,

This is a good catch.
We’ll try to update the Reference page as soon as possible.


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The API Reference page is now updated accordingly, thanks again for your input @neymoresco :slight_smile:


Hi @David @riin

Thanks for the quick response, but after update I downloaded the documentation again, so I found another mistake.

Webhooks >> Delete existing webhook >> id is required

I just took a look at the swagger.json file and it looks ok :thinking:
Where’s the screenshot taken from?

Thanks, @dani

So sorry, was my mistake, the screenshot is from my RStudio, the rscript get the HTML code and create a table with parameters, to build my functions for integration.