Duplicate deal update on address field change

We seem to get an update, as expected when someone sets an address field.

However, we also get another update less than a second later, made from host “app.pipedrive.com” containing some of the [address_hash]_street_number, [address_hash]_postal_code, [address_hash]__country etc.

I guess it’s the system filling out those fields, based on what was entered in the actual [address_hash] field, but shouldn’t it just fire once that is done?

Also, is my assumption that ‘host’: ‘app.pipedrive.com’ are system updates correct?

Hey Troels,

Yes, it seems it’s the geo-coding that is the second update you’re getting.
Are you manually adding these addresses in-app or via API?

I must admit, I have no idea :slight_smile:

It could be a through the site, Wordpress plugin, some app, Browser Plugin etc.

Only thing I can say for sure; it’s not my code doing the update.

Ok. I believe adding them in-app shouldn’t cause this affect (as you would instantly choose the geo-coded address), but otherwise you’ll have this effect. You could try using another field for Address, but I’m guessing that would likely make more of a mess for you.