Email campaign creating via API

Hello there, everyone!

Could anyone, please, advise with the following:

There’s a website and it’s quite possible that tons of new forms are going to be added to it: basically, each page is going to contain a form specific for the page. That said, each form will have its own email campaign (type of leads is Person & Organization).

And here goes the question: is it possible to create campaigns via API or is it dashboard only? I mean, developer(s) could create kind of interface for sales department to conduct campaign creation from website admin dashboard by sending API requests to Pipedrive

Thank you!

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Hey @Maksym_Kalashnykov
Welcome to the community :wave: ! Thanks for sharing your scenario in detail.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to create campaigns via API. However, I have taken note of this feedback and will forward it to the respective team. In the meantime, please stay tuned to the #announcements section for updates regarding our product API.

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